It all started when...

Gluten intolerant founder Peter Franck began brewing traditional beers and removed the gluten content to gluten free levels through special processing.  Author of nutrition book titled "Straight from the Teat", Peter took the power of food and nutrition and merged it with traditional American brewing.  The result is a unique, refreshing bier that suits both taste and the body.   

"Even minimal consumption of powerful herbs and spices can have massive impacts on one's health.”

He goes on to say, "Hops are a great example.  Hops are a power phytoestrogen.  If you are a man going for man boobs, your hop loaded double IPA is for you.  Regular consumption of hops is known to increase breast size in both men and women."  

His background includes a BS in Biology from Tulane University, 4 years as a Scientist/Chemist and 12 years in medicine manufacturing.